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Honor Roll Kids

Emmett and Anna Rose were awarded on Friday with their Honor Roll recognition for the first marking period. We are so proud!
Emmett Smiles About First honors
Anna Applauds All the Honors Recipients
You can view more pictures of the assembly in our photo album.

(P.S. Katie had an outstanding report card as well. She is distraught at the unfairness that there are no letter grades in first grade and therefore no honors assemblies…until she gets to third grade. Your time will come, baby! No doubt.)

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It finally happened!

No, you didn’t miss it last year (or the year before that.) The long-awaited “Move-in day” finally happened on the day after Thanksgiving.

That’s right: Black Friday.

Hell hath frozen over, methinks.
For those of you keeping score, that’s two years and one month after the purchase date. Not bad, eh?
We are very pleased with the outcome. It’s not possible to thank brother Theo enough for his work on the project. Maureen’s color selections are perfect, if I may say so myself. (The folks at HGTV have got nothing on her.)
New appliances were delivered today. Life is good.
Pictures to follow…check back in a few days if you want to see them.

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Back to School 2007

Wednesday was the kids’ first day back to school. So we gathered them for the annual photo …
Emmett, Anna and Katie on Mom-mom and Granddad's fromt porch
We also got a photo of their cousin Taylor, who went back to high school the same day. So we’re posting it here to thoroughly embarrass her.
Taylor ready for her first day of school - 2007

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Looking back at 2006…

Emmett, Anna & Katie on the Beach

In order to prevent the use of clliché (“Has it been a year already?” etc.), we’ll forego the usual intro and cut to the chase:

It was a very busy year…again. The house renovations moved along at the pace of a glacier. (Not the crashing, splashing dramatic-type glaciers you might have seen in “An Inconvenient Truth,” but more like the old-fashioned, stationary-for-millenia glaciers.) The job has proven to be far more than expected…more time…more money…more work…you know. (That is, if you’ve ever undertaken a home renovation/construction, you know…and you are probably making that ‘I told you so’ face right now.) When people ask, “When do you think you’ll be done?” We tell them: “Last summer.”
The work is rewarding, though, and it will eventually turn out exactly as we have pictured it. Ted (Troy’s brother) has been a huge help.

The kids are very impressive little people (if we may say so ourselves.) They are all now attending Margaret Mace School.

Here are the ‘stats’:


See more Emmett pics...

  • 5th grade – in Mrs. Parsons’ class. She was also Troy’s 5th grade (and favorite) teacher.
  • Honor Roll
  • Student-of-the-Month (Nov. 2006)
  • Began playing saxophone in September. Played “Jingle Bells” with the school band in the Holiday Concert
  • Enjoys playing basketball at “The Rec” (our local community center) with his friends
  • Also enjoys listening to his new mp3 player
  • Is really into playing/reading about baseball
  • Has been attempting to emulate Ryan Howard’s swing, if not (eventually) his MVP season
  • Loves watching sports with his Mom-mom (Go Eagles!)
Anna Rose:

See more Anna pics...

  • 3rd Grade – Mrs. Clemens (She didn’t teach Troy, but is very nice.)
  • Honor Roll
  • Loves going to gymnastics class. (She is frighteningly flexible.)
  • Loves doing gymnastics at home.
  • Loves doing gymnastics wherever (even on the beach)
  • Has written what seems like a book a week (We’ll be putting them on this site eventually…check back later.)
  • Takes frequent notes on her surroundings (a lá Harriet the Spy)

See more Katie pics...

  • Kindergarten – Mrs. Golden (She taught Katie last year as a teacher’s aide and thinks Katie is the cat’s pajamas. We agree.)
  • Student-of-the-Month (Nov. 2006)

Ed. note: Anna would like to point out that she could very easily have been selected Student-of-the-Month, but there are many exceptional 3rd-graders this year. Mrs. Clemens said it was a ‘toss-up.’ Anna expects to be honored very soon. (She is our favorite 3rd-grader, no matter what. But…we digress. Back to Kathleen’s accolades…)

  • Is reading whole books. By herself. Often.
  • (See comments under Anna about gymnastics…they are in the same class.)
  • Enjoys frequent trips to “the front house” where Mom-Mom and Granddad live. (I hear that Mom-Mom has treats…and lots of love for grandkids, of course.) Kate is sure to miss visiting them so often when we move into our new place (…though she may be in college by then–see above.)

Their parents:


  • …is still writing for the Wildwood Leader. She has transitioned from a ‘Staff Writer’ to a freelance writer, which allows her to work from home much of the time.
  • She also began writing press releases for the United Way of Cape May County.
  • So, if you’re keeping score, that’s technically two jobs, plus mom and wife. (Did we mention this year was very busy?)
  • As a hobby, she is planning our upcoming trip to Disney which, of course, we can’t afford (again, see home renovation above) But we are doing it anyway.


  • …is still working at Atlantic City Electric as a System Operator.
  • The home renovation has kept him busy when he is not at work, but he has found time to:
  • work on the web a lot lately (as a hobby.)
  • He recently has been collaborating on a site cataloging the ‘Doo Wop’ (‘Mid-century modern’) style architecture of the Wildwoods.

So, that is our annual ‘This was going to be our Christmas Card, but we didn’t get around to it until after the New Year’ Update. Keep checking here for updates. (It is one of our New Years resolutions to keep this site updated…wink wink.)

We hope to hear from you all again soon.

The Cawleys

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Looking back at 2005…

Kids at Wetlands Institute
It was an exciting year for the Cawley family. We bought a house, took a trip to Disney, went skiing in Vermont

Other highlights from this year:

  • Maureen…
    • …attended a writers’ conference in January where she received excellent feedback and much praise from her peers and the instructor, Christian Bauman. She learned a lot and made progress towards completion of her novel. (That is until February, when…)
    • She re-entered the workforce in her lifelong dream job as a journalist. She is a Staff Writer with the Wildwood Leader and single-handedly covers the entire “5-mile Beach.”
  • Troy…
    • …continued working at Atlantic City Electric as a System Operator. This fall, he obtained his certification with PJM, the company that operates the power grid in the Northeastern US (and beyond.)
    • He also started this weblog and compiled photos to keep family and friends abreast of the family happenings (…all the while learning html).
  • Emmett
    • …continued to earn Honors, despite having begun the toughest of all grades…4th!
    • He played baseball in the spring, soccer in the fall and swam for the Wildwood Crest Dolphins all year.
  • Anna Rose
    • …mastered the two-wheeler this year. Her natural agility has her speeding along faster than her siblings can keep up with. (But don’t mention this to Emmett…or Katie either, for that matter!) She has also taught herself how to do a handstand and a “front walk-over.” Looks like it might be high time to enroll in some gymnastics program…
    • She is also a budding young artist who excels at school.
  • Katie
    • …amazes her Pre-K teachers with her maturity and smarts. She has already begun to read..what an exciting time.
    • She also stole the show at the MMS Holiday Concert this Christmas…watch out for more drama and excitement from this little thespian!
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Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas to you all! We hope we get to see you this year, but if not, here’s wishing you a joyous and peaceful holiday.

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