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Visits from cousins

It was great to see Frank(ie) a weekend ago (Aug 19th.) We had a nice “Pool-B-Q” at Cheryl and Fran’s…Some nice “grown-up” conversation while Mena and the kids frolicked in the yard and swam (with “adult” supervision, naturally.)
Jeff, Colleen and Nora were in Cape May this past week. We had dinner at Ted & Sue’s on Thursday (Aug 25th) and a perfect beach day on Friday. Then dinner by the sea. More grown-up conversation while Nora entertained the kids (“Johnny-Johnny-Johnny-Johnny-WHOOPS-Johnny…” We look forward to her babysitting sometime…I think she does, too!) Then the Connlains spent a night “up the boards” and slept (soundly, no doubt) at Cheryl and Fran’s.
(I’ll try to post some pictures, but I don’t have any yet…)
So great to see you all!

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